Shoji Pricing is By the Job

All Shoji are made to order at this time and so the Shoji pricing will vary. I do quotes based on the info you give me. All Shoji pricing is “by the job”. A drawing emailed to me is the best thing. An alternate would be sending pictures of the existing opening, and measurements of said opening. I will email you the Shoji pricing and usually can send you pictures of something I have already done that is similar.  Again, because no two jobs are the same, all Shoji pricing is by the job.  Here are some examples.

An opening 6’ wide by 6/8” tall with two Shoji.

Western Alder wood in Superior grade, double-sided Kumiko, good quality Washi paper, Koshi-ita panel (panel at door bottom), 6’ double metal track, valance box, matching bottom wood track and hardware for two doors, satin lacquer finish.

Cost: $3430 FOB my shop

With .45mm, Warlon PVC laminated paper: $3680

With 1.0mm Warlon Acrylic plastic in “White” or “Off-white”: $3930

If single-sided Kumiko: $3430 (with .45mm lam paper)

Thanks to Sarah in Quebec, Canada for the before and after pictures.

Note the angled wall on the left of the before picture? I cut that 45 degree angle on one of the doors and added jambs on each side. The track box was cut to fit. Extra wide jambs, angle on the door edge and angled valance box added $390 to the cost for this job. Your custom additions will vary the cost.

A single Shoji, 3’ wide by 6’8’ tall.

Western Alder wood in Superior grade, double-sided Kumiko (grid), good quality Washi paper, Koshi-ita panel (wood panel at door bottom) and a beautiful satin lacquer finish. No hardware or tracks.

Cost: $1350 FOB my shop

With .45mm Warlon PVC laminated paper (very strong, almost puncture-proof Washi paper substitute): $1610

With 1.0mm hard acrylic from Warlon, in “White”: $1730

With 2.0mm “off white” commercial grade: $1790

With 6′ matching valance box and single track within, roller carriers, no bottom track: $350

This would be a “wall-mounted” type track-valance setup similar to “barn door” type tracks.

Click on these thumbs to enlarge.

All orders are custom made. If you order and cancel there will be a charge of 15% deducted from the deposit before it is returned. Additional charges will be deducted for what ever work is already in progress. This includes cost of wood, track, insert material and any labor at the shop rate of $95 per hour.

For design ideas, PSS recommends you check out:


This is the best book on Japanese home interiors. Lots of color photos of Shoji in many applications.