Portland Shoji Screen - Hand Made Custom Sliding Japanese Doors

Thank you for visiting Portlandshojiscreen.com. My name is Terrance Maloney and I have been building Asian style, hand made, custom woodworking items, like a sliding Japanese door, for decades.  I am an artisan of over 35 years and I love fine woodworking.

The information contained here in this site will allow you to get an understanding of who Portland Shoji Screen is, the quality of work I do, and provide you with all the information you need. A quote will be supplied to you via email once I have your measurements and/or drawings and photos.

Over 230 jobs completed since 1999 — that’s over 1045 Shoji screens built. Over 120 jobs shipped all over the United States. I also have shipped to Canada, England and Costa Rica. Most of my work is on the East Coast, but lately have done many local jobs. I have a few Shoji in public places here in Portland, Oregon.

Please call or contact me with your requirements or questions. I look forward to working with you.

So What is Shoji?

Shoji, or Shoji screen, is a Japanese word defined as a sliding outer or inner door made of a latticed screen covered with white paper.  In other words, a sliding Japanese door.  Additionally, some people just refer to Shoji as an Asian style sliding door.  Either way, they are all one and the same – a type of Asian sliding door.  

Shoji Uses

As previously stated, Shoji aren’t just “doors,” they are fine furniture.  Typically, all Shoji I make are custom and handmade doors.  When the Japanese sliding door is closed, they softly diffuse light throughout the house – the room isn’t as dark as with a regular door.  These doors slide on wood tracks very smoothly and quietly and work as a room divider, serve as sliding walls, or also window coverings. Don’t want to have the Shoji act as a sliding door?  Fine – you can remove the tracks and use the custom, handmade door as a room divider!  Better yet, keep the Shoji on tracks, but use it as a custom made sliding door! It will not only add function to any room, it will add beauty.  Want to add something distinctive to your existing wall?  I can build you an Asian style shoji frame – you just add your favorite picture.  There’s even more – a Japanese style shelving unit, a Japanese style cabinet or buffet, or even a Japanese style stair hand rail.  I could go on….

Interested in more ideas? Please call or contact me with your inquiries.  I’m here to help

The Craftsman

Terrance Maloney - Portland ShojiTerrance Maloney built his first Shoji while working as a cabinet makers helper in 1982 when he apprenticed with John Massiocchi in Portland, Oregon. 

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The Shoji

Finished ShojiThis gallery of finished Shoji showcases a few of the 350+ custom Shoji jobs Portland Shoji Screen has completed since 1999.

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