Portland Shoji Screen is a small business catering to the discerning Asian style enthusiast or to someone who wants a beautiful custom-made piece of art in their home.

I use only the finest materials and every job and every Shoji I build is my very best work. I take much pride in my work, therefore most to all work is done by me, with the exception of certain types of finishing decided upon during the design with the client.

I pre-screen all wood to find the pieces that are straight with the least amount of imperfections. I cut wood and design doors matching wood grains to create art within the wood.

The stains I use are industry proven, plant-based, durable, and keep the natural look and feel of the wood.

The shoji paper is high quality and imported from Japan.

Shoji are like fine furniture … not just a door!

Please contact me with your requirements or questions. I look forward to working with you.