Single Shoji Door (Shoji Screen) or Multiple Shoji Doors

Remember, Shoji aren’t just Japanese style doors.  It’s simply a Japanese style partition.  A Shoji door (often times referred to as a Shoji screen) or multiple Shoji doors can be combined to partition off any entry or exit.  Lets take a look at a regular Shoji door (Shoji screen) – I worked on this in 2021:


Here is a picture of some of my Shoji doors at one of the restaurants at Google’s main headquarters in Mountain View, CA.  Sorry about the image resolution, as it wasn’t a picture that I took.

Shoji as a Sliding Wall

Imagine getting a custom Japanese style, artisan made beautiful piece of fine woodworking and then using it as a sliding wall!  Have you ever seen one of those?  Well, here’s a Japanese Style (and yes, artisan made) sliding wall that I worked on, and installed, in 2015.  Slide it off to the side to open up your space or close it up to create two separate spaces.  I make these custom, to your specifications.

Shoji as a Room Divider

Yet another way to get privacy in any room is to put up some type of a wall. How about an artisan made Shoji to use as a room divider?  Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures to post of a Shoji room divider that I’ve worked on in the past, but essentially it is several custom, artisan made Shoji panels hinged together to create a partition or room divider.  Heck, you can basically take any of several Shoji doors and hinge them together to make a room divider.  Imagine using any of these artisan made Shoji doors to create your own room divider.

Other Japanese Style, Artisan Made Items

Here are a few Japanese style, artisan made projects completed in the past. Remember we can make just about anything you need for your client.