I buy wood from ecofriendly, environmentally responsible sources.

Woods that are available by sustained yield, farming, recycled or reclaimed methods are what Portlandshojiscreen prefers to use. These are more expensive but the quality is first class. Some of these woods have quite a history. Your Shoji screens may have once been a water tower, been reclaimed from abandoned mill ponds or found on an Oregon beach. You will not find wood pillaged from the last of the standing old growth. I make every attempt to identify my sources.

Portlandshojiscreen.com does not condone CLEARCUTS or IRRESPONSIBLE timber practices.

Typical Portlandshojiscreen Shoji screens are made from Superior grade Alder. These have a very traditional look and are very light and beautiful. With a satin finish, they really look great!

Other woods species available are  Basswood (with a clear finish this wood looks like maple), Cherry, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Western Red Cedar, Port Orford Cedar, Douglas Fir, Walnut, Oak (Red or White), Pine and others.

I no longer use exotic woods.