"Using only the best materials, my shoji are like fine furniture... not just a door."

Terrance Maloney - Shokunin (craftsman)

The Craftsman

Terrance Maloney has been a woodworker and Shoji maker since 1982 when he apprenticed with John Massiocchi in Portland, Oregon.

Portland Shoji Screen was born out of his success as an independent contractor, following years of working for himself as well as in partnership with numerous other contractors and architects in Portland, Seattle and Bellingham, Washington.

The Process

Portlandshojiscreen.com is a destination for the professional designer, architect, builder, and the clever homeowner.

In business since 1999, Portland Shoji Screen is a small business catering to the discerning Asian style enthusiast. Using only the finiest materials, every job I do and every Shoji I build is my very best work. My Shoji are like fine furniture … not just a door!

The Shoji

This gallery of finished Shoji showcases a few of the 250+ custom Shoji jobs Portland Shoji Screen has completed since 1999.

We hope you enjoy browsing these custom Shoji and that you’ll find them inspirational in placing Shoji in your own home or business. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.